Few thoughts:

  • Paul’s vote in these things is always so inflated by his cyber-libertarian following that his placing doesn’t even matter
  • It looks like I may have been right about Gingrich.
  • Really surprised Pawlenty comes in last
  • Equally surprised Cain is in third.
  • Surprised yet again that Bachmann is 5th, though you can say she is a virtual tie for 3rd place.
  • Reflecting on it, Cain is probably getting a lot of the “fuck taxes” vote, since he was the only one to really clearly focus on some specific and strong language about tax cuts.

Map of support spread:

More thoughts

  • Romney is king of Utah (duh)
  • Paul and Gingrich control almost everything east of the Mississippi River.
  • Interesting that Cain’s major support appears to be in the southwest.
  • This map would be a lot more interesting without the votes of the Ron Paul cyberkiddies.
  • Gingrich has a good even spread around the country, more than anyone else.
  • The spot of Huntsman in New Hampshire is notable. I believe his strategy is to copy John McCain- camp out in New Hampshire for 5 months doing retain politics, while everyone else is in Iowa. By the time they get to NH, he’ll have a prohibitive lead (or in his case, one big enough to place in the top 3 in NH to keep the campaign alive). I’m not so sure it works for him (he’s no McCain), but anyone is allowed to vote in the NH primaries, so Dems can vote in the GOP race, and he could rally enough of them to place well.



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