So I’m thinking about blogging again. Should mostly be about politics and consist of re-postings of things I read during the day as well as original thoughts and analysis.

I’ll be setting up the…settings shortly. A small blogroll of my favorite daily reads will be added.

GOP debate is tonight. I’ll be watching. Maybe liveblogging, but probably just following Andrew Sullivan’s liveblogging while drinking a copious amount of rum and cokes to distract from how depressing most of the answers will be.

I’m relatively interested to see if Huntsman makes any waves, this being his first debate. I see him as a more charming version of Romney, and a less boring version of Pawlenty, but he’s a moderate conservative in a hard core party so he’ll never gain any serious traction. He fascinates me though, so I’ll be watching his performance closely.

More posts soon~




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