Insanity or Dedication?

Watching a replay of last night’s Charlie Rose, which hosted a roundtable of Chait, Drew Westen (writes about the psychology of voters and has drawn ire [as well as applause] from many because of a recent article about Obama), and Fareed Zakaria.

I heard about this last night and was excited but couldn’t find it on TV. Thankfully, Sully reminded people about the re-stream today.

ASullivan and Chait have been hammering Westen this week, so this should be fun. Zakaria is one of the few fair-minded news watchers that can be both nonpartisan yet still interesting. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Chait on video before.

Might update with reactions later. I know what to expect anyways. Chait (mildly) hammers Westen, Westen cites random shit that is too bizarre to get called out on, Fareed gets all wonky (about dynamics, not policy, but he always sounds wonky, in a good way, when he talks) and generally sides with Chait.



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