Predictions about Perry

1) He’ll be the front runner one month from now

2) He’ll be the teflon candidate of this election- no attacks will stick to him. He has that Bush mindlessness that someone like Romney lacks (and that someone like Bachmann exhibits as craziness instead of mindlessness) that allows Perry to joke off attacks and pivot credibly.

3) Get ready for a lot of “he’s like Bush…but even more stereotypically Texan”. If he can fend that off in a way that it doesn’t linger (something like going on SNL and joking about his similarity to Bush in tone and appearance, in order to show it doesn’t bother him and to get it behind him), he’ll possibly have a clear path to the nomination.

4) Only thing that could derail him (if he gains traction in the first place) is Palin running.

Dear lord I’d love to see her run.



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