Perry@RedState Liveblog

1:11 Already breaking out the end times rhetoric. “America last great hope of the world” or smth

1:12 Making a weird predictable defense of the American dream by saying government sucks and shouldn’t help anyone to secure the American dream

1:13 “Spreading the wealth punishes success” “failed stimulus plans”

1:14 Perry tries to pretend he cares about unemployment rates for hispanics and blacks. The room went eerily silent, no joke.

1:14 “Obama’s policies have prolonged the recovery”. Well, Perry is showing himself to be Bachmann with a penis, basically. Nuance be damned!

1:15 Perry wondering how it happened that America might fail to pay its bills. Perry also loves Dubya, who inherited the surplus. Might be a good place to start the investigation.

1:16 Holy shit, Perry is tripling down on the crazy factor. No wonder he is the most favored Tea Party nominee. I was expecting him to pursue a sort of “compassionate conservative” path, of being subtly extreme and outwardly conciliatory. He is doing the exact opposite. This is an “Obama is the great satan” speech.

1:18 I really wonder what the headlines out of this will be. Perry is giving a hardcore speech on a day that he could have set himself up to be the “sane” Bachmann. If Bachmann wins Ames, I suspect she’ll be making the case tomorrow that she is the “sane” (and “electable….electable….electable” [if she says it enough times it might come true]) version of Perry.

1:21 It is worth noting that RedState is extremely far to the right. Erick Erickson has been advocating no debt ceiling raise for the last month. They’re probably like the firedoglake of the right, to look at it one way.

1:23 Hammering about “Four Principles” Used the phrase “generational theft” which is scary when Perry says it, but seems like a phrase that would poll well for speeches.

1:25 Talking about “good hearted Americans” who he seems to imply only come from the midwest. Rick Perry: Uniting the middle of America cuz fuck the coasts!

1:26 Perry quoting Thatcher. Smart move. This is a crowd that would care and appreciate that. Doubt he’ll use the line elsewhere though.

1:28 Uses the phrase “central planners” again. I believe it shows up on his website as well. Oy. The irony is that China is growing and investing so well because of good (and unilateral) central planning. Says he’ll repeal Obamacare. Which isn’t an extreme position anymore in the right, but he says it in a way that’s more belligerent than most others.

1:29 This is completely not what I was expecting. Doesn’t Perry understand that he could win this nomination by being the public moderate that everyone knows is extreme below the surface? He just ripped off the mask and shouted “Hide your kids, hide your wife, I’m here to slaughter the government to nothing.”



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