Don’t piss off Don Lemon (and some more stuff about Palin)

Don Lemon, who was shoved by Michelle Bachmann’s husband this weekend, takes out his frustration with some justified criticism of Bachmann’s reliance on talking points.

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Towards the end, he actually salutes Sarah Palin for being frank and interesting when she’s asked questions, further bolstering my theory that Palin is holding out from running as long as possible because she knows how tired the media is going to get of the current candidates (though Perry running throws a mini wrench into that strategy). The name of the game (and word of the campaign) is: refreshing. And, if she runs, there are going to be liberals who once (and still) despise her who will say “for fuck sake, at least she is refreshing compared to the rest of these dolts.”

And it will work. The people that used to hate here with every fiber of their being will think “she sounds like a goddamn saint compared to Bachmann” and will actually root her on to win instead of the current crop.

Ironically, it is Palin, instead of Perry (who should be the one doing this), that is presumably plotting the “badass moderate-conservative” path to the nomination. Everyone knows where Palin stands on issues, so she can run, play nice, any not have to worry about out-extreming Bachmann or Perry. Just by being perceptibly “less batshit insane” than Bachmann and Perry, Palin will actually be a viable alternative for moderates as Romney fizzles over the next month or two.

Aside: Romney is more finished than Pawlenty at this point, because Pawlenty at least has a shot at being VP. Romney will exit this race around November with nothing to show for it, and afterwards he’ll receive campaign event invites only in states that have a coast line.

Maybe it’s just conjecture and Palin won’t run. But if she wants it, her path is clearer than anyone else. Like I’ve said before, her recent actions just make too much sense for her to not be running.

Apparently she is going to be at an event in Iowa on September 3rd, a week before two GOP debates. Then at a Glen Beck rally October 7th in Missouri. Either event would be ripe for an announcement at if she does. I had picked Sept 10th a few days ago, and I still think early September makes the most sense. If she announces early September, she’ll get to join the debate at the Ronald Reagan library in California, followed by two debates in Florida during the rest of the month. If she waits until October, she skips those and debates in New Hampshire and Las Vegas. While the prospect of skipping another month of debates in order to let the candidates self destruct some more may be enticing, I don’t imagine anyone who wants to (seriously) run for President would pass up two shots at wooing the all important Florida voters. Plus the first debate of the month (Reagan Library on Sept 7th) is hosted by MSNBC, which means if they grill Palin too hard then she can run around blaming the media afterwards for a week. Which means they’ll probably be pre-emptively soft on her (at least way more soft than Fox News was on the candidates last week).

I can’t imagine she would announce at a Beck rally. Showing up is one thing, but announcing there would be bizarre.

So September 3rd in Iowa. If she runs, I suspect that will be the launch date (or the “we’ll have a big announcement in a few days” unveiling). She may have wanted to wait longer, but with Perry in the race possibly rising to front-runner status quickly, Palin can hardly wait longer than that early September event, lest Perry gain too much steam. Plus it’s in Iowa, where she has to gain voters since she hasn’t been traveling the entire state like Bachman and others for months, so launching there would help make up that gap. It makes too much sense. I feel like I’m missing something.



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