I don’t get this Perry line (but it might make sense anyways)

via ‘Iron my shirt’ – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry took his jacket off for a question-and-answer session in Waterloo last night, he joked about his attire.

“This shirt has a few wrinkles in it; it’s not my wife’s fault,” he said.

When I saw the quote pop on up twitter a few hours ago my first instinct was that it meant “My wife didn’t wrinkle my shirt….another woman helped wrinkle it. ::wink wink::”

I suppose that is just my dirty mind.

Apparently it means “Don’t blame my wife’s ironing for my shirt wrinkles”. Which is still an odd thing to say anyways. There’s a fine line between being “folksy” and being “let’s tell ‘women belong in the kitchen’ jokes”. Although from my experience, most men love those jokes, and I bet men in Texas (and now Iowa) like them even more.

Maybe that’s Perry’s play here. Get the men of the GOP on his side (since Bachmann, or Palin, will have much of the women anyways). Then wait for the rest of the groups to fall into place. White men make up the bulk of the party anyways. I can’t imagine them sitting around saying “That Romney sure is a badass awesome dude.” Some might currently like Bachmann because she is (in the right light and surrounded by funny looking men) attractive, but anyone basing their support based on that would just as fickly switch to Palin (more attractive) if she ran or switch to Perry because of the badass cowboy factor.

I just wish Perry would have avoided the “I’m more conservative than your crazy grandfather” schtick and used only a “I’m relatively moderate….but a badass” tactic.

He is unabashedly pushing to be the craziest Tea Partier in the room, and considering he is probably the GOP nominee if Palin doesn’t jump in the race, it is worrying to imagine how polarizing a race between him and Obama would be (regardless of whether facing an extremist would provide a favorable outcome for Obama).

By the way, can you imagine what people would be saying if it were Bill Clinton that said that line?



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