Kathryn Jean Lopez is an idiot (and other obvious statements)

via re: ‘If Ryan ever wants to run for president, he should definitely do it now.’ (by Kathryn Jean Lopez, if you didn’t get that already) (emphasis mine):

I might add: Paul Ryan might not want it, but if he sees the need for it, if he feels the call to it, if he sees the same leadership opening that others do for him, he probably ought to.

It is precisely because he personally does not seem to feel the need to be president of the United States for his own fulfillment, that he probably should step up.

This immediately reminded me of a scene in the West Wing in which Toby goes off on one of his famous rants arguing exactly the opposite of K-Lo’s point of view.

Josh: “I’ve given a lot of thought to the heartwarming insight you shared with me about how the President thinks Santos is a loser and I think you’re full of it…. This isn’t about the President doesn’t think Santos can win, it’s about you don’t think he can win.”

Toby: “That’s true, I don’t.”

Josh: “Because it will kill you to see me do this and succeed. You’re not wired for such an event. You’re entire neurological infrastructure would fritz out.

Toby: “You really think I built up some Freudian fratricidal mania built around your success? You don’t think I have anything other than that against the Democratic nominee for President?

Josh: “Name something else, please.

Toby: “He’s not Presidential material.

Josh: “Why?

Toby: “Why? Because he left. He left Congress, he left Washington to go home and do small, important work. You had to haul him by the hair out of the family bed. Did you never stop to wonder if that was a good choice?

Josh: “He stepped up when presented with the opportunity.”

Toby: “The man in that job shouldn’t have to be presented with anything! It’s for someone who grabs it and holds on to it, for someone who thinks the gods have conspired to bring him to this place, that destiny demands of him this service! If you don’t have that kind of drive, that hubris, how in the hell are you going to make the kind of decisions that stump every other person in this country? How in the hell are you going to hold that kind of power in your hand?”

Josh: “You don’t know he’s not that man.”

Toby: “You don’t know that he is. Is he? Look me in the eye and tell me that you know. Without a shadow of a doubt you know.”

Josh doesn’t answer.

Toby: “That’s why the other guy wins.”

Toby is right. As usual.



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