Sully on Perry (hint: he’s more pisssed than I am)

Yesterday I joked about how Rick Perry’s statement on Ben Bernanke being beat up in Texas was ridiculous then wrote about how his statement on monetary policy being political was even more ridiculous.

Today Andrew Sullivan agreed and went a step further.

via Perry: We’d Lynch Ben Bernanke In Texas (emphasis mine)

He seems to think, in other words, that the man who was the head of George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers and was appointed to Fed Chairman by George W. Bush is somehow a Democratic party operative trying to win the election for Obama. It’s a staggering assault on the integrity of a civil servant grappling with some of the most serious economic problems this country has faced in our lifetime.

To my mind, the following statement disqualifies Perry from the race:

“…. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treasonous in my opinion.”

….As for president Obama’s patriotism, that too is in play and in doubt:

(youtube vid)

These two disgusting statements, in today’s polarized climate, are, to my mind, a reason for Perry to withdraw, or for his party to disown this ugly, divisive, violent rhetoric.

I wouldn’t go as far as Andrew in saying Perry must withdraw. I would like to see Obama or someone from the administration come out and publicly admonish Perry for suggesting Bernanke might be committing treason. The administration needs to not be afraid to start hurling some fire back at these candidates who are hurling anything they can find, fact or fiction.

Regardless, if Sullivan thinks Perry should drop out because of this, that notion will gain some medium traction during the day.



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