Deep Thought: Underestimating Huntsman

He’s been on a blitz since Friday, finally giving people (read: the media, especially bloggers) a reason to pay (positive) attention to him and his campaign.

Reasonable people are saying that he is lashing out because he knows he can’t win. They are saying that his belief in global warming kills any chance he has for the GOP nomination. He openly called Bachmann’s $2 gas pledge “pandering”.

For every GOP hardline voter he ostracizes, he gains one independent or not-yet-political young person or disillusioned ex-Repubublican or disillusioned Obama voter. That will add up. His tweet about global warming is the single most retweeted tweet of any GOP candidate so far this race.

People underestimate him at their own peril. He has the capacity to gain fire and evoke real broad spectrum passion in a way that no GOP candidate besides Palin (if she enters) can.

Doesn’t mean he will win the nomination or that he even has a chance. But he is being vastly underestimated at the moment, and his potential ceiling is very high. The debate September 7th may be his make-or-break moment, as he’ll certainly be asked about his unique positions and statements criticizing the other candidates on the stage.



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