Obama’s rope-a-dope strategy

It has been suggested that Obama is being somewhat lackadaisical this summer on purpose, so that the GOP will gravitate towards their more extreme candidates, feeling that Obama is weak enough for a Bachmann or Perry to be able to win next November.

I’m not sure if I believe it. I want to believe it. Anyone that followed the 2008 campaign knows that Obama can turn the volume up to 11 and he has been at a 2 for a long while. The question is whether that is part of a strategy or whether that is just where his constant comfort level is for governing.

Whether it is planned or not, Obama won’t be laying this low next August. It’s foolish to think that the current state (and volume) of things will hold for over a year (ie Gallup polls coming out today saying nearly all GOP candidates would be competitive in a general election). Obama has faced no legitimate front-page scandals yet, so even if the economy keeps tanking he will be able to run as a clean candidate next year if he can keep that up. And that’s not nothing.

I’m going to keep thinking about this.



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