A lot of crazy in one picture

Kos muses

Picture caption: The House GOP’s Trifecta of Crazy: Reps. Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, and Steve King

“Gohmert: Well it does represent a breach of the oath. This is a president who has done more to undo the very foundation of the country: the rule of law, that no matter who you are, President, member of Congress, whoever it doesn’t matter, the law is to be equally applied across the board. And there’ve been exceptions where people have gotten away with stuff but never to the extent that this guy has pushed, and like you said he’s shown contempt for the lawmaking process”

What’s funny about this is that the Obama Administration, obvious flaws aside, has been one of the most squeaky clean administrations in forever. There have been no major scandals, no indictments, no special prosecutor investigations.

In fact, the administration is so clean, that House Republicans have been unable to mount any real oversight investigations because of a lack of material that “fits their narrative“—that narrative being that they’re engaging in corruption and wrongdoing.



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