Starting to think they have no idea what they are doing

So earlier today Obama did some flame throwing and said he would give his speech about jobs at the same time the GOP debate was going to start.

Liberals were amused.

Then the Speaker of the House said “ehhhh how about the day after”. Then the White House said that the Speaker’s office originally had no objections to the first time and date.

Then the White House agreed to move the speech to the date that the Speaker suggested.

So here is the question:

Is there some sort of deeper strategy here? Or did Obama’s staffers actually ask the Speakers office if that date was ok, trust the Speakers office when they said “surrrre“, then get spanked when the Speaker’s office said “lol, no, do it the next day” after announcing the original date?

I’m starting to think it is the second and that Obama’s political operation isn’t laying low as much as it is just very naive and still won’t engage in gamesmanship with the GOP.

Then again, this could very well be an extended version of the rope-a-dope designed to cajole the GOP into nominated the most extreme candidate possible by making the White House look weak.

I don’t know anymore, but this whole ordeal was without a doubt pretty stupid and damaging for the White House.



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