Deep Thought: How do you follow up Hope and Change?

The answer isn’t another round of Hope and Change.

Presidential elections are about emotional narratives and momentum.

If Obama can shape his narrative (and momentum) to be the guy everyone thought was toast but came roaring back against all odds, he has a shot at winning again.

To put it cleanly: he needs to be the underdog to have a chance at even creating a compelling narrative in this economic climate. In that light, recent Gallup polling isn’t as depressing as it seems.

If “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” can turn into “Time to Rebuild”, with Obama’s political prospects a metaphor for an economy about to turn the corner, people can be inspired again. Maybe.

Of course a double dip recession probably washes all that away.

Anyways, just some silver lining for all the fucking storms, figurative and literal, lately.



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