Self inflicted wounds (aka Armchair Democracy)

If you:

1) Actively vote to put people into government (Congress, mainly) that hate government


2) Refuse to vote because you think all candidates are equally corrupt


3) Don’t spend more than 5 or 10 minutes researching the candidates before voting


4) Only pay attention the week before election day

Then you are the reason politics in this country is shit. Yes, I blame you.

Politicians are not to blame. They merely do as much as they can get away with, like corporations or animals.

We’re the ones that let them get away with everything then exonerate ourselves from any wrongdoing.

The theory behind democracy is not that if we can vote for our government we will simply have more freedom.

It’s that if people are able to vote for their government then it will align with not only their views but their spirit. Freedom is not inherent in that. It has to come from societal desire. Took a long time for women to be able to vote, equal rights, etc (marriage equality isn’t even assured yet).

If we are ignorant voters then we deserve the ignorant government (Congress) we elect. We deserve our armchair democracy.

(To be fair, I have longstanding theories that media technologies influence the way government and elections and voting play out more than any other factor, but, at the same time, a citizenry who gives a shit can overcome/counteract built-in obstacles to good government.)



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