If I were a gambling man…

…and I am, I would be putting more money down that Sarah Palin will run now than I would have an hour before the debate.

Doesn’t mean she’ll run. But if she legitimately is waiting to make decision (presumably waiting to see if Perry trips up and opens up a Sarah Palin size gap) then tonight pushed her needle in the “yes” direction.

Why? Perry’s ponzi scheme stuff may be so far out there as to make him unelectable in a general. Plus he tripped up a bunch of times. He doesn’t hide his extremism very well.

The debate in five days will matter even more if Palin is still deciding though. Perry will either win or stumble. I still think tonight proved that he doesn’t know when to hold his tongue. And that is a big long term liability.

My instinct (contrary to previous beliefs) is that Palin will not run. However, when it comes to Palin I have come to learn to trust the opposite of my instinct. Which is to say no one fucking knows if she’ll run. But big conservatives are starting to get pissed about waiting.

Like Barack Obama, Sarah Palin is just a mortal politician, just a human of the same sinful flesh as the rest of us passing through this place on her way to eternity just like you and me.

We should not set Palin on a pedestal so high she shatters if she falls off, but that’s what her most ardent fans have done. Thanks to Palin’s own conduct, if she does shatter by either not running or running and losing the nomination, the Palin Fan Cult gives me and many others the strong impression they’d rather shatter all the other candidates than have anyone but Palin herself win.

In the process, these people have overshadowed the efforts and desires of many reasonable Palin supporters who are just ready to either vote for Palin or be told of her decision not to run so they can go support someone else.

Enough is enough.

There are far more critical sections of the article, but I can’t quote it all.



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