My point exactly

via Advice To Romney: Give Perry Bait (Daily Dish)

And see what happens:

[A]s GOP consultant Alex Castellanos put it: “Perry has not won elections in Texas because he is loved. He has won because he sticks a fork in his opponent’s eyeballs.”

There’s nothing at all wrong with having a reputation for hitting hard. However, if I were advising one of his main opponent, Mitt Romney, I’d start trying to test Perry to see just how far he takes it. Can he be baited? If so, his aggressiveness might be very easily turned against him. That is, at some point, an attack-everything candidate isn’t really aggressive, but recklessly reactive.

I made this point in a post before the last debate. Perry debates by being extremely aggressive. Last debate he pulled a “Romney was worse than Dukakis” rabbit out of his hat, minutes into the debate, and strong armed Ron Paul during a commercial break, just to name a few.

He verged on reckless a few times. If I make any prediction tonight it will be that Perry cools his jets a bit, simply to prove that he can cool off. There were stirrings after last debate that Romney looked more presidential than Perry. If Perry keeps up the (rabid) attack dog act tonight, that conventional wisdom about Romney v. Perry could stick.



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