Here’s the thing

No party has a Reagan that can take 40+ states. In fact, it may not even be possible to ever accomplish that again in the new media world, no matter how good or how bad the candidates are.

Any story about Dems or the White House freaking out is a either made up or  is a story about over paid staffers/pundits. The election will come down to Florida, Ohio, and Iowa/New Hampshire/Colorado (the troika are mostly likely to end up shifting the same direction as each other).

Everything else is irrelevant. If Romney get the nomination you portray him as stiff. If Perry does you portray his as extreme. If Palin does you enjoy the bloodbath. If Huntsman does you emphasize the things him and the President agree on so the conservatards freak out about him being a RINO/closet Dem.

There is no Reagan.

Even though Obama’s approval numbers are tanking and he isn’t really campaigning and the GOP has all the attention, Obama is still winning head to heads against both Perry and Romney, and his numbers against Perry have been getting better and better each week as Perry says more and more wild stuff.

Obama could pull a Weiner (or Clinton/Lewinsky) and still have a good enough shot at things. The crazy thing is that there hasn’t even been one true scandal yet.

The last guy started a war with false justification. The guy before him slept around. Both were re-elected. This guy kept it in his pants, killed Bin Laden, helped oust Gaddifi, and (hopefully) fought to improve the job situation in a global economic downturn.

It’s going to be a long campaign.

If you value your sanity you should just turn off all political news until next August. Not much will change in between now and then.

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