An anecdote about the job market

Talked to a friend a week ago about his experience looking for jobs as a recent college grad. The reality bites.

Back in 2006, he says, when it came time to look for an internship as part of his high school’s “SIS” (Seniors take the last month or two of the school year to work on a project of some sort. It can be research, and internship, the creation of art of some kind, and other types of things) he had no trouble finding a place in New York City willing to take on an intern at a reasonable, but not horrible, wage. He ended up working on and off, during summers home from college, at the company for three years.

Now, college is complete, but there are just about no jobs to be found. No one is hiring, not even intern/entry pay level jobs. His best opportunity so far has been a job interview at a company that make products for pregnant women. The interview went well, but he has no desire to work in the field.

He thinks the universe has conspired against the class of ’10. I find it hard to disagree, seeing as I’m in the same “looking for employment” boat. I have barely any job experience and there really just aren’t any (college grad) entry level jobs around. He has 3 years and experience at another company as well, and he can barely find anything. The Huffington Post is blasting a headline right this moment saying that youth unemployment is higher than it has ever been since WW2.

This is all a long way of saying that I’m applying to both law and graduate school programs for next fall to hopefully boost my future chances at gainful (or any) employment while hoping that things get a bit better during the two or three years I’m hitting the books.


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