Conservative Coachella?

Cringe worthy

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News of the weird for the weekend

Texas town lets and 11 year old girl be “mayor for a day“.

Girl renames Main Street “Justin Bieber Way”.

Street sign gets stolen.

Thankfully, it has been replaced.

I constantly underestimate how ubiquitous Justin Bieber is in the adolescent psyche. A few days ago a journalist tweeted that his three year old was wearing a baseball hat tilted to the side because “thats how bieber does it”. A three year old.

So bizarre.

More pictures of politicians eating things shaped like penises….than you ever wanted to see

If that post title won’t get people to check out the blog, I’m not sure what will (say what you will about her insanity and narcissism, she was looking good at the Iowa state fair).

On to the show!

Obligatory awkward Kerry picture.

Palin showing how to put the hot dog in the bun.

No caption needed (nor desired)

Mitt knows proper penis food ediquette: keep it the fuck away from your face!

Mitt eating a fried porkchop, a sufficiently wide enough
food to eat on camera, apparently.

The parade of Bachmann corn dog pictures begins now.

It’s not clear whether this is a corn dog or a churro, but it definitely looks uncircumcised.

Incase depth perception was somehow needed.

I’ve seen eyes like that before. Not typically in public places.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Herman Cain, thankfully, sticks to pizza.

Perhaps the funniest podcast in the world

The Bugle

It’s a newsy podcast by John Oliver (the Brit from the Daily Show, for anyone out of touch with humanity) and Andy Zaltzman, another Brits the presumably has a second job somewhere, and it is hysterical.

I used to listen to the Bugle quite often while walking around at college, when 25 minute walks around campus to get from dorm room to class were common. More than a few times I had burst out laughing while listening in dining halls. Fun times.

Haven’t been listening for a the last few months, but the guy are still going strong each week, and were just featured today in a NYT article, about how despite the fact that their podcast is owned by a company owned by Murdoch, the two still tackled the issue with gusto.

You heard that right.

Pretty much the only two “Murdoch employees” to be sensibly and publicly outraged about the phone hacking scandal were…a few comedians.

In a way, it is like a British Daily Show. Both go off on long self-satirizing Python-esque rants, inject the type of wit that doesn’t have an American equivalent, and have absolutely no shame. It’s amazing. Check it out.

iTunes link