A new (Presidential) electoral system

In response to the drama in PA about electoral vote allocation (and the disturbing realization that states technically have the power to allocate their electoral votes in any way they please), I’ve decided to begin to put together an “ideal” Presidential election system.

A few things first: I am a fan of the Electoral College compared to most of the “simple” alternatives (ie national popular vote or vote per congressional district). There are many reasons for this, most of which stem from the fact that most alternatives end up replacing the disenfranchisement inherent in the EC by introducing worse disenfranchisement. I’ll delve into this a bit in my next post.

As a way to guide this quixotic task, I am setting up a few ground rules or “tenets” of any new system.

Central Tenets:

1) Must encourage suffrage (voting).

2) Must be simple enough to explain to an 8th grader.

3) Must retain a sense of “American-ism”

I’ll expand on these tenets in my next post as well.



One month of blogging; ten years since 9/11

There is a beautiful post from the Daily Dish today to commemorate the day and reflect upon the idea of forgiveness: Deep Forgiveness

Here is a snip (from a quote):

Dom Christian enunciated the deepest meaning of forgiveness.  We forgive not only because God asks it of us, not only because we must find released from the burdens of hatred and revenge, but because we recognize that we are not innocent, that we, too, as Dom Christian wrote, are accomplices “of the evil that seems to prevail in the world around.”